Treadmill To Land Sailing – Easy Way To Stay Fit

Land sailing unlike conventional sailing does not require a lot of upper body strength but it still needs you to be fit if you really want to enjoy this sport to the fullest. This means you should go to gym and exercise everyday to become a good land sailor. Still, the most important part for a good sailing experience is having a lot of stamina, endurance and agility. A good method to stay fit for land sailing is to use a treadmill regularly. When we say regularly, we mean every day. If you haven’t already got one for yourself then check out these Treadmill reviews and get one today. Cardio is probably what you need the most and a treadmill will suffice for the same.

Use the treadmill for 30 minutes every day and sail without any problems

joggingRemember that land sailing is about achieving land speeds naturally and that means wielding to the wind. This needs your reactions to be top notch, something that is not easy to manage if you aren’t already fit enough. Now, if you already have a treadmill at home then start jogging for 10 to 20 minutes each day, or if you can 30 minutes. Just remember that the more you exercise the easier it is to respond to changes inside your land sail. Moreover, in competitive situations, it usually is the fittest and most sound of body and mind, who comes out on top. Therefore, if possible, run on the treadmill for 30 minutes every day!

Regular cardio trainings give better results in land sailing

CardioThe equipment does matter a lot but more than that it is your overall fitness and preparedness that decides the outcome. In 2009, the wind powered land speed record was shattered by Richard Jenkins in his yacht, the Greenbird. More than the yacht, Richard was a superb athlete and that is an additional reason for the success. From a young age he was active and at just 16 years old he even crossed the Atlantic. While you probably may not get to the competitive levels that Richard aspired to but with regular cardio in the confines of your home, on a good treadmill, you can truly begin to enjoy the exotic sport of land sailing. Simply, you stay in the form, you are healthier and you are a better land sailor!