26 Apr

Disused Golf Course For Land Sailing?

golf to landsailingIn a recent development, a disused golf course became a hot subject for debate among the Stoke-on-Trent City Council members. The Goldenhill Golf Course was considered abandoned since 2011 after the council removed the controlling company from the site on allegations of using the golf course for illegal dumping grounds and failing to clear rent arrears.

Since the time the golf course was shut down, it has cost an estimated £150,000 in maintenance and in an effort to remove this overhead, the council is open to suggestions. At the moment, there are three key possibilities with the mentioned golf course. One of which is of utmost importance to us as it would be a first anywhere in the world – converting the disused golf course into a land sailing venture for professionals and aficionados alike.

While there is talk of once again selling the site off, an undisclosed party is interested in leasing the site to make it into a complete land sailing entity. This begs the question as to whether estate owners can do the same with their otherwise vast greens. And the answer is yes, it is entirely possible after all, there is no additional requirement other than ensuring a properly mowed surface that happens to be undulating in order to catch decent wind speeds.

Reading a few lawn mower reviews would provide an ideal ZTR to do the job for an estate level lawn. And the upkeep would cost about the same as maintaining an otherwise typical estate. The only real downside however is that it would require opening up the estate to visitors and land sailing enthusiasts but then again this can quite easily become a business in its own right. After all, up until now, land sailing is restricted to beach fronts and really secluded areas of the world, which makes it a costly sport.

Even those with a large lawn can engage in this sport. For this a good electric lawn mower is more than enough to keep a flat surface for land sailing. Nothing more is required, really. And instead of building larger land sailing vehicles, the size can be brought down to suit the open area available.


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