Cleaning Those Sails The Easy Way

So, you got yourself a dirty sail to clean? Depending on the make of the sail, you need to be careful of what to do and what not to. For instance, if rust accumulates then you need to use hydrogen peroxide and so on. However, you obviously are aware not to use pressure washers or even stuff the sail in a washing machine. But then this does mean that cleaning a sail is a irritatingly long process. Well, honestly, it need not be the case. Think of handheld vacuums and you will get the picture.

With a decent handheld vacuum cleaner you could reduce the time it takes to clean a sail to under 15 minutes! Surprised. Well, here is the secret how to clean the sails easily and more effectively.

Hydrogen peroxide for stain cleaning

Hydrogen-peroxideFirst, depending on the stain sustained by the sail, either use hydrogen peroxide or a mild detergent and just enough water to dislodge the grime or accumulation. Next, use a bucket to splash the sail with water so the entire surface of the sail is wet. Finally, use the handheld vacuum to suck the dislodged grime. Voila! Your sail is as good as brand new. Just remember to hang up the sail and let it dry naturally but don’t expose it to direct sunlight just yet.


Vacuum again

Have in mind that your sail should be as dry as possible, to perform vacuuming again. Once relatively dry, go for another round of vacuuming to collect the remaining dirt and dust particles. Make sure you vacuum a couple of times slowly, since it is easier to collect the remaining dirt. When done with vacuuming, you are set to reattach the sail, begin sailing once more.

A handheld vacuums are the best

You can use a regular vacuum cleaner of course, but have in mind that these are much more powerful and thus they create stronger suction. This can be a bit problem if you are not careful, since it can damage the sail. By the way, if you wish to check out some handheld vacuum cleaners, check out these vacuum cleaner reviews first. Take something that does not produce a lot of suction as that is not the motive here. Rather, sucking in the grime and dust is what you need as sails are usually hydrophobic to start with so a little suction is all you need.